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  • Broadcast Camera Operator & Tech

    Hudor Visual is the name behind Freelance Camera Operator Andrew Fraser. Based out of Melbourne Australia and working for a range of different companies, as a Broadcast Camera Operator but also in a range of other roles.

    Just an example of the equipment worked with...

    Camera Systems Jib Systems Camera Systems Wireless Camera Systems
    Sony TX/DXC Triax, HDC Fibre & XDCam
    Panasonic DVCPro
    Thompson/Philips Triax
    Wide range of other formats...
    Jimmy Jib Triangle
    Scanner/Scanner Elite Crane
    TechnoVision Crane
    FlyCam Point to Point
    Gyro Stabilized Systems
    RailCam Tracking System
    Remote Head Systems
    Boxx Cobolt/Meridian
    Links Research
    IDX Camwave